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INAF Made Software

Plenty of useful software have been made by INAF researchers. It is not always easy to find references or even know about the existence of such software. A system connect with the new INAF-CRIS is under development and a list of INAF software will be available soon

The Open Source Licenze suggest from INAF is GNU GPL 3

Software with DOI - INAF


DISCOS  10.20371/INAF/SW/2019_00001
GOFIO  10.20371/INAF/SW/2019_00002

Other INAF Software

Nome Link Refered Person info
APHOT https://www.oa-roma.inaf.it/merlin/2019/05/01/a-phot/ E. Merlin fotometria in apertura di campi fondi extragalattic
APOGEO https://www.ia2.inaf.it/index.php/13-software/35-apogeo S. Zorba  
Astrocook https://github.com/DAS-OATs/astrocook G. Cupani Quasar Spectral Analysis with GUI
DIF https://github.com/lnicastro/DIF L. Nicastro A set of tools that use HTM and HEALPix to implement an indexing system for astronomical catalogs and other data with spherical coordinates stored in MySQL / MariaDB.
EasyLife https://www.iasf-milano.inaf.it/software/ M. Scodeggio  
ecSNOoPY http://sngroup.oapd.inaf.it/snoopy.html E. Cappellaro


SNOoPY (SuperNOva PhotometrY) is a package designed to facilitate the task of producing SN light curves from multi-band photometric observations obtained with a generic collection of telescopes.

foscgui http://sngroup.oapd.inaf.it/foscgui.html E. Cappellaro

Foscgui is a graphic user interface aimed at extracting SN spectra and photometry obtained with a fosc-like instrument. In the current version two instruments are implemented AFOSC@182cm Asiago, ALFOSC@NOT La Palma

GalNest   M. Rivi rilevazione sorgenti radio nel visibile
HENDRICS https://github.com/stingraysoftware/hendrics M. Bachetti  
Intranet   F. D'Anna sw di gestione sito d'istituto
LIRA https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/lira/index.html M. Sereno Linear Regression in Atronomy
MCS https://github.com/gcalderone/MCS L. Nicastro
G. Calderone
Multi-purpose, MySQL oriented classes aimed at implementing astronomical applications in (almost) any language.
MeerKATHI   P. Serra radio interferometry pipeline
MyRO https://github.com/lnicastro/MyRO L. Nicastro A set of tools aimed at implementing a per-record privilege system on MySQL databases similar to that of a unix file system.
NADIR https://www.ia2.inaf.it/index.php/13-software/32-ia2-software-2 C. Knapic archive management
PaketLib https://github.com/ASTRO-BO/PacketLib A. Bulgarelli PacketLib is a C++ open-source software library for writing applications which deal with satellite telemetry source packets, provided that the packets are compliant with the CCSDS Telemetry and Telecommand Standards.
Pinocchio https://github.com/pigimonaco/Pinocchio P. Monaco metodo approssimato per le simulazioni cosmologiche
PreProFit https://github.com/fcastagna/preprofit F. Castragna fit del profilo di pressione di cluster di galassie tramite un approccio bayesiano
Pymoondb https://www.ict.inaf.it/gitlab/alessandro.frigeri/pymoondb A. Frigeri The Python interface to MoonDB, the online lunar sample geochemical and petrological database
QGIS https://github.com/afrigeri/geologic-symbols-qgis A. Frigeri Geologic symbols library and development for QGIS
QSFit https://qsfit.inaf.it/ G. Calderone QSO Spectral Fitting: software package to automatically perform spectral analysis of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) optical/UV spectra
RadioLensFit https://github.com/marziarivi/RadioLensfit2 M. Rivi misura radio week lensing shear
SID https://github.com/lnicastro/SID L. Nicastro A set of tools that use HTM and HEALPix to implement an indexing system for astronomical catalogs and other data with spherical coordinates stored in MySQL / MariaDB. Mostly derived from DIF, with the main difference being its fully UDFs structure which makes it more flexible.
SoFiA https://github.com/SoFiA-Admin/SoFiA P. Serra spectral line Source finder
Stingray https://github.com/stingraysoftware/stingray M. Bachetti  
TASMAN https://www.ia2.inaf.it/index.php/13-software/36-tap-schema-manager S. Zorba  
TOCats http://cats.oas.inaf.it/TOCatsweb/ L. Nicastro Astronomical catalogues stored in a hierarchical tree using DIF + HEALPix schema, browsable in AladinLite and accessible either via web-form or directly via SQL. Custom users' catalogues can be hosted on request.
TPHOT https://www.oa-roma.inaf.it/merlin/2019/04/15/t-phot/ E. Merlin fotometria template-fitting  di campi fondi extragalattic
VAPE https://www.ia2.inaf.it/index.php/13-software/34-vape M. Molinaro  
VO-Dance https://www.ia2.inaf.it/index.php/13-software/33-vo-dance M. Molinaro VO 
X-GHATS http://www.brera.inaf.it/utenti/belloni/GHATS_Package/Home.html T. Belloni analisi temporale dati X-GHATS
XNS http://www.arcetri.inaf.it/science/ahead/XNS/ N. Bucciantini modelli teorici di Neuron Star in GR