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INAF Made Software

Plenty of useful software have been made by INAF researchers. It is not always easy to find references or even know about the existence of such software. A system connect with the new INAF-CRIS is under development and a list of INAF software will be available soon

The Open Source Licenze suggest from INAF is GNU GPL 3

Software with DOI


DISCOS  10.20371/INAF/SW/2019_00001
GOFIO  10.20371/INAF/SW/2019_00002

Other INAF Software

Nome Link Refered Person info
APOGEO https://www.ia2.inaf.it/index.php/13-software/35-apogeo S. Zorba  
EasyLife https://www.iasf-milano.inaf.it/software/ M/ Scodeggio  
IA2-Tap https://www.ia2.inaf.it/index.php/13-software/37-ia2-tap M. Molinaro  
NADIR https://www.ia2.inaf.it/index.php/13-software/32-ia2-software-2 C. Knapic archive management
TASMAN https://www.ia2.inaf.it/index.php/13-software/36-tap-schema-manager S. Zorba  
VAPE https://www.ia2.inaf.it/index.php/13-software/34-vape M. Molinaro  
VO-Dance https://www.ia2.inaf.it/index.php/13-software/33-vo-dance M. Molinaro VO